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D6 Tournament

District 6 Tournament February 3-5 2023

District Playoffs

District Playoffs are the first step in the MAHA State Tournament.  Each district runs a playoff to determine a champion.  The champion then represents the district in the MAHA State Playoff Tournament.   To enter, you need to fill out a district intent form.  You need to be credentialed (verification of paperwork and team eligibility requirements).

In some divisions there will be a runner-up tournament.  This happens when other districts do not have a team to send to represent their district. It is mandatory that the District 6 runner-up in a participate in this tournament if there is an opening for District 6.  This tournament is normally one or two weeks after the District 6 Finals.

Updated 1/2/23

Click the link below to fill out the "Intent to Enter Districts" registration.

District 6 Tournament Locations for 2022/23 Season

Schedule and Scores

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Tournament documents are located here.