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Association Coaching Directors Page

Rich Pruszynski

District 6 Coaching Director

Coaching Clinics

Watch for coaching clinics popping up soon on the USAH website:

IIHF Hockey Centre

Great resource for coaches.


Age Specific Modules

One major change within the rules for Rostering on your teams.  If you need to do an Age Specific Module this season, it HAS TO BE DONE BEFORE YOU CAN BE ROSTERED.  Please keep this in mind before trying to schedule games.

Off Ice Physical Literacy

Aspen Junior Hockey has Kalle Valiaho, Finnish Ice Hockey's version of Bob Mancini, coordinating off ice physical literacy.  Here are some more tools for your mental cabinet!

Great coaching tools from ADM Regional Manager- Joe Bonnett

CEP questions regarding U8 Coaches

If you ONLY coach U8- Red, White & Blue, Cross-Ice, Learn to Play, you may do so with an EXPIRED coaching card.  If you coach U8 AND another level (i.e. squirt, peewee, etc), you MUST be current.

Hopefully this helps to clarify.

SafeSport becomes Mandatory

Just a reminder, Safesport is a mandatory program from here on out.  If you completed the course in 2013-2014, you will not have to do it again until 2015-2016 season.  You can get to the Safesport training via the USA Hockey website.

Online Modules

Online modules are up and running. The cost is $10 per module  These are required for every level you intend to coach.  Please be sure to complete them on time in order to save yourself some serious money.  After 12/31, the price will jump to $50 per module!

Coaching and Parent Behavior

As this regular season came to a close, we had a rash of instances of poor coaching and parent behavior.  Please remember that this is a game.  A game where we teach our kids to be upstanding future adults.  The key word being FUTURE!  They are children and we can expect them to act like it on occassion, but we, the adults, need to remember to act like adults at ALL times.  Whenever we act like fools, we are teaching our kids that it is ok.  It is not ok.  We need to remember our roles as coaches and parents.  To be role models for our youth.  Please take the off season to reflect on our mistakes from the past year and build toward a better year in 2014-2015.  Please enjoy your "offseasons" and look forward to bigger and better things!

CEP Registration

Link to the clinic registration site.


Here is the link to DropBox that I emailed out. Enjoy!

ADM Links

Here are some links to help your association with the American Development Model implementation at the 8/u level.

Coaching Materials

Red, White and Blue Hockey

Red, White and Blue Hockey is the blueprint that USA Hockey and MAHA are supplying to help your association develop an appropriate ADM compliant eight and under program.   MAHA District 6 ACE Director, Brian Bellgraph and Bob Mancini are available to answer questions and help to get your program started.  Please feel free to contact us with questions.

To contact Brian or Bob, please click on their names.

Bob Mancini- USA Hockey ADM Regional Manager


LTAD Chart

Here is the chart that was requested.