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Midget A Districts Tournament


Patterson Ice Center (NHL E and NHL W Arenas)
Griff's Icehouse (Griffs Arena)

Eagles Ice Center (EIC Arena)

2600 Village Dr SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506


Rockford Orange
Rockford Black


DATE TIME Arena Home Home Score Visitor Visitor Score
Fri, Jan 31 4:00-5:50PM NHL W Hawks 7 Lansing 2
Fri, Jan 31 4:00-5:50PM NHL E Lakeshore 3 Fox 5
Fri, Jan 31 9:00-10:50PM NHL W Rockford Black 0 Rockford Orange 8
Sat, Feb 1 11:00-12:50PM EIC Lansing 4 Lakeshore 1
Sat, Feb 1 11:00-12:50PM Griffs Rockford Black 0 Hawks 11
Sat, Feb 1 1:00-2:50PPM Griffs Fox 2 Rockford Orange 2
Sat, Feb 1 7:30-9:20PM NHL E Lansing 4 Fox 2
Sat, Feb 1 8:30-10:20PM EIC Rockford Orange 1 Hawk 9
Sat, Feb 1 8:00-9:50PM Kentwood Rockford Black 0 Lakeshore 8


DATE TIME Arena Home Home Score Visitor Visitor Score
Sun, Feb 2 11:00-12:50PM NHL W Hawks 6 Fox 1
Sun, Feb 2 11:00-12:50PM Griffs Lansing 5 Rockford 1
Sun, Feb 2 5:00-6:50PM NHL W Hawks 3 Lansing 4

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