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Squirt B Districts Tournament


American-$707 National - $707
West Shore Jr. Jacks
KOHA Black Big Rapids
KOHA Brown Battle Creek


DATE TIME Home Home Score Visitor Visitor Score
5-Mar 4:30p KOHA Black 2 KOHA Brown 3
5-Mar 5:40p West Shore 7 KOHA Gold 4
5-Mar 6:50p Jr. Jacks 14 GRAHA Black 0
5-Mar 8:00p Battle Creek 1 Big Rapids 3
6-Mar 8:00a West Shore 4 KOHA Black 2
6-Mar 9:10a KOHA Brown 2 KOHA Gold 3
6-Mar 10:20a Jr. Jacks 11 Battle Creek 1
6-Mar 11:30a GRAHA Black 0 Big Rapids 7
6-Mar 3:00p KOHA Brown 4 West Shore 4
6-Mar 4:10p KOHA Gold 2 KOHA Black 2
6-Mar 5:20p Big Rapids 7 Jr. Jacks 7
6-Mar 6:30p GRAHA Black 1 Battle Creek 7


DATE TIME Home Home Score Visitor Visitor Score
7-Mar 8:30a West Shore 1 Big Rapids 3
7-Mar 9:45a Jr. Jacks 3 (OT) KOHA Gold 2
7-Mar 4:00pm Jr. Jacks 3 Big Rapids 1